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Jun 21, 2018

Basketball update - 22 June

Wentworth Lions
The Lions played the Kingsway Legends who only had three people so borrowed players from other teams.The Lions lost but it was a very tight game and the team were always one point behind. No reserves meant that the Lions had to work very hard but they all got too tired and ended up falling further behind right at the end.
Blake Nelson

Wentworth Gators
The Gators played the Orewa College Jordans and this game was the toughest the team has played this term. The Gators lost 35-15 after a disappointing first half although they managed to keep the game much tighter in the second half. The team played well considering they only had the minimum of five players as the others were sick or injured. Next time the Gators play this team, the score will be a lot closer.
Matthew Rist

Wentworth Bears
The Bears had a great win this week against Kingsway, winning 30 - 0.  There was some great interplay between the 5 Wentworth players, passing the ball more effectively this week and making a number of their shots.  The team did a great job on defence to keep the opponents scoreless, and they communicated well as a team to mark players closely.  Well done. 

Waterpolo update - 22 June

Wentworth 7/8 
The game last Sunday evening was an outstanding lesson in team playing. Although they had a player down and no reserves, our young swimmers displayed excellent offensive work, passing often and accurately firing shots into the net seemingly every time they got close. On the few occasions the opposition, Orewa College, got the ball they didn’t keep it for long as one of our team would challenge them and skilfully take possession. It was a brilliant performance all round and the winning score of 18 to 1 was well deserved.

Wentworth Fast Five (Years 9/10)
The Fast Five team battled against a strong team, the Well Aged Great Whites. Our small team worked well but were ultimately subdued by the overwhelming size of the opposition - both in numbers as well as physical size, as five of the opposition team were grown men. It was great to see all of our Fast Fives' play sportingly and determinedly. Unfortunately, we were overwhelmed and the full-time score was a loss of 7 to 23.

Netball update - 22 June

Team 1 NNH - Win 31-19 Takapuna 4
Team 1 had a convincing win against Takapuna 4 on Saturday. Our defence worked well together to stop Takapuna scoring goals and out attack improved as the game progressed. The team has played two games since grading and are currently top of the table based on goal difference.
Caitlin Smith

Team 2 HBC - Loss 20-33 Raiders
Although Team 2 lost this game to the Raiders, the team is making improvements in their play. The team is communicating well on court, spreading out more and making less risky passes. The team's performance has improved as a whole since the last time they played the Raiders.
Orion Houseman

Year 8 - Win 22-10 Orewa 7/5
The Year 8 team had a great game on Saturday, beating Orewa 7/5 22-10. It was a fun game and Louis stepped in to play as the team were short on players.
Phoebe Andrew 

Year 7 - Loss 6-21 Northcross 7/5
It was a tough game last week for the Year 7 team as they were short of players due to sickness. The team were missing one of their key shooters which impacted on the number of goals they were able to score.
Bethany Smith

Hockey update - 22 June

Boys' First XI
The Boys' First XI had a rematch of their grading final again this week against a strong Albany Senior High School team.  In absolutely horrible weather conditions the boys fought hard after 2 quick goals by Albany put them on the back foot.  There was some outstanding hockey played by both teams, with Albany coming out the victors 5-2.  After the game our team was commended by the opposing management on their fair play and overall sportsmanship in helping opponents up off the ground.  It was the first loss of the season for this team but a well played match.

Girls' First XI
On the 14th of June Wentworth Hockey Girls' First XI won their game 2-0 against Birkenhead College! It was a tough but enjoyable game and luckily the rain held off. The defence were extremely strong and solid, as Goalie, Anja, didn’t even have to touch the ball! We all worked very well together as a team and that was a key component to winning the game. The team had already played Birkenhead a few weeks earlier and tied 3-3 so everyone was very pleased to grab a win. There was very clean and strong passing and our PC’s (which we had practised a lot in training) worked very well. Overall it was a very pleasing game and we all look forward to hopefully getting another win next week!!

Alex Dobson

Jun 17, 2018

Basketball update - 18 June

Wentworth Lions
The Wentworth Lions played the Whangaparaoa College girls' team on Monday, which were short on players and ended up being a mixed gender team. Wentworth won 21-11 and although Wentworth did get a bit too excited at times and played too quick, the team still came out with a solid win.

Wentworth Gators
The Wentworth Gators played the Kingsway Legends and came away with a 32-18 victory.  The Kingsway team were quite tall, which was a challenge for the team, however the Gators' superior ball movement and structure broke down the Kingsway defence effectively.  It is great to see this team playing effective, controlled basketball to take yet another win this term.

Wentworth Tigers
The Tigers played Kingsway on Monday. Kingsway are a good team and won the game. Their defence was tight so all Wentworth could do was distract them by passing and hope that an opportunity would come up.

Wentworth Bears
The Bears had a good game and won by over 15 points. The team continues to develop their teamwork and cohesion. Well done, Bears!

Waterpolo Update - 18 June

Wentworth 7/8 lost 8-17 against Wangaparaoa 7/8 Blue.

Wentworth 9/10 lost 4-8 against the Stingrays.

Wentworth Alumni/Senior won 23-nil against Whangaparaoa  9/10

Netball Update - 18 June

Senior Team 1 NNH
Win 34-28 Pinehurst 2
Team 1 had a challenging game against Pinehurst 2 on Saturday. Wentworth got off to a good start in the first quarter but by half time both teams were evenly matched on goals. By making changes to their attacking tactics, Wentworth pulled ahead in the last two quarters to win the game 34-28. It was an exciting game to watch!

Senior Team 2 HBC
Team 2 had a tough game against the Cubs, losing 39-21, but the players are improving every week that they play.

Year 8
Year 8 lost 9-11 to Orewa 7/4.

Year 7
The Year 7 team had their first win of the season last Thursday against Ponsonby 7/3 with an impressive score of 25-10. The shooters put in a solid performance and we began to see an improvement in the team’s defensive play. The mid-courters played well throughout the game. Well done girls!

Hockey Update - 18 June

Boys' First XI
The Boys’ First XI has completed a successful grading round in the North Harbour Hockey competition, moving into Grade 3a off the back of a number of strong performances.  They completed the grading round unbeaten, with a hard fought draw against a very evenly matched Albany Senior High School team on Wednesday night.  The game finished 1-1, with a lot of passion and intensity from both teams.  The team finished the grading round with 37 goals for, and 2 against, which is an outstanding effort.  Well done on achieving the first objective of the season and moving up a grade.

Girls' First XI
The Girls’ First XI had a tough game last Thursday against Rangitoto. The final score was 2-2 which was an accurate representation of how close the game was. Beau Walbran and Dasha Ruzich scored the goals for Wentworth with an excellent effort from the rest of the team.

Boys’ Year 7 & 8
The Years 7 & 8 Hockey boys have had two contrasting results over their last two games. Last week the boys had a loss against a well-drilled Wainui team, but their passing game progressed in leaps and bounds. In this week’s game the boys came away with a 4-2 win over Takapuna Normal Intermediate due to some strong attacking play in the second half.