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Jul 25, 2018

Basketball Update - 20-28 June

Wentworth Lions and Gators
The Wentworth Lions played the Wentworth Gators on Monday.  While the Lions lost, it was a really close game. We all expected to have a really tough game so we played really hard in the first half and stopped them from scoring many points, however in the second half we got too tired and the Gators just ended up being a bit too good.  The final score was 16-2.
Blake Nelson

Netball Update - 20-28 June

Team 1 NNH
Loss 25-26 to Carmel College 8
Team 1 had a close game with Carmel College 8 last Saturday, losing by only one goal. It was a tough game and the team played their best.

Year 8
The team were boosted by a few players who agreed to step in at the last minute, as some were unable to play. A valiant effort was made by all in what proved to be a high pressured game. Unfortunately the physical height of the other team beat us on the day, but a good game was had by all.

Year 7
The Year 7 netballers continued their battle with sickness and had to call upon other students to make up a full team. Many thanks to Rosie Donovan and Stephanie Ye for once again stepping forward to help the team out!
The team played TNIS 7/3 last week and lost 23-13. The team did their best under the circumstances but needed to watch their passing as they kept losing the ball to the opposition.
This Thursday, the team played Carmel 7/2 and it was a close game. They lost 19-16 and there is still room for improvement in their passing.

Hockey Update - 20-28 June

Boys' First XI
This week the boys had a well earned win against Long Bay 7 - 0.  They started slowly but from half time onwards the team played with width and were able to break down the defence more effectively.  Some of the development players played well up front for the team, with some scoring their first goals for the season which was great to see.  With one more game before a break for the holidays the team is well placed in 2nd place in Grade 3A.

Girls' First XI
The girls also played Long Bay this week and had a closely fought 2-all draw.  Down 2 - 0 at half time, the girls played a much more inspired second half to draw level.  Although the Wentworth team controlled possession for much of the second half, they unfortunately could not quite finish off the match with the deciding goal.  There was some great play from the team and notable mention must go to Anya Khalid who had a strong game as Goalkeeper.

Boys' Year 7 & 8
Due to the poor weather on Tuesday afternoon all Intermediate hockey was cancelled at North Harbour this week so there is no result for the this team.