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Jun 22, 2016

Years 7&8 2nd XI Hockey Team

The Years 7&8 2nd XI Hockey team are doing very well, particularly given that many are new to the sport or have never played together before. The team includes two players from nearby schools, and often a Year 6 player who helps out when numbers are short. The students have worked very hard to include everyone, and they all get along and play together very well. It’s been a bit of a rough start this season with the team yet to win a game, but their perseverance and positive attitudes are admirable. It’s great to see them all improving, especially since whole-team trainings are impossible and many of the students cannot attend lunchtime trainings due to other commitments. We’re proud of the way they play and the positivity they bring to the games.

-          Kelly Main and Alexis Eccles, student coaches